The first 10 people I followed on Twitter

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A few days ago I realized that I am almost at my 1,000th tweet. I figured that my 1,000th tweet should be something related to Twitter, so when researching potential blog topics I came upon an interesting and fun post by SocialButterfly “A Look Back: My First Twitter 10.” After reading it, I immediately went back and took a look at the first 10 people that I followed. There weren’t really any big surprises, but I thought I would share them with you in no particular order:

1. @thetattooedmama
Jess is the graphic designer that owners the Delicious Design Studio, and the person that did the original design of this blog. It makes sense she was one of the first I followed since she designed the blog that is NonprofitSOS.

2. @problogger
This is a no brainer. Darren is a genius when it comes to blogging and always has unique, thoughtful and well-written posts to help bloggers at ProBlogger. Which is why he was one of the first that I followed.

3. @staceyburns
I worked with Stacey at a nonprofit a few years back. She doesn’t tweet much now, but is an amazing person. I have never worked with someone that is so committed to her work. When I first joined Twitter, I’m sure I searched for those that I knew on Twitter, which is likely how I found Stacy and started following her.

4. @SmartNonprofits
This is the Minnesota Council of Nonprofit’s Twitter account. In Minnesota, we are very fortunate to have such an awesome state council for nonprofits. For those in the nonprofit sector, they are an obvious pick for someone worthwhile to follow.

5. @Deborah Howard
Deborah is the President and founder of the Companion Animal Protection Society (CAPS). I’m sure she is one of the first I followed because of her work. I am on the board of an animal rescue, Pet Haven, and animal welfare is a cause I care about deeply.

6. @davemn
Dave Lee was one of the people who inspired me to really get active on Twitter. I remember sitting in the lower level of the capital building while Dave was tweeting about our day on his iphone (he was a presidential elector and I was an alternate). He kept an interesting blog with his take on the electoral college, Citizen Elector.

7. @daniamiwa
I first met Dania when she was working at the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits at their annual conference. Dania is a fun, intelligent nonprofit professional that has interesting tweets and this year, just landed a job to help build the capacity for development at the Great Plains Institute. She is a great person to follow.

8. @Philanthropy
This is the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s twitter account. It’s no surprise this was one of the my first follows, they constantly provide links and info for those in the nonprofit sector.

9. @alexeaton01
I met Alex Eaton through my community involvement, he lives in my Senate District (62). He is young and impressive – click on his name to see his investment group. It’s just too bad he doesn’t tweet more!

10. @kellykay30
I first met Kelly last fall, when I was first getting on Twitter. I serve on the finance committee at the Charities Review Council where she works in Development. She impressed me from the start, at small nonprofits with only one development staff, you often find that there isn’t a lot of structure or planning – mainly because they just don’t have time. This was not the case for Kelly at the Charities Review Council, their thoughtfulness, planning and structure was very impressive and really a model for other nonprofits to follow. They have an active finance committee, and a well-thought out development plan. She is a great nonprofit person to follow.

How did I find these? I looked at the list of those I am following and clicked “next” until I got to the last page of those that I am following. It seems that Twitter lists both those that you follow and your followers in the order that they follow you, or you follow them. So, by going through those that I am following all the way to the beginning of the list revealed the first ten people that I followed.

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