A day in the life of a nonprofit worker

1. What is your name, organization and job title (you don’t have to give your name/organization if you don’t want to- it can be anonymous)
Alexia Harris, Project Learn of Summit County, Community Relations Manager

2. What is the first thing you do when you get in the office?
This is a ritual: I log into Twitter (both my personal and Project Learn accounts) and soak up the knowledge being shared from the people I follow. Next, I catch up on my blog subscriptions via Google Reader and check my emails.

3. How do you spend your lunch break?
I usually spend my break chatting with co-workers on agency news and other local and national happenings. It’s my time to breathe before I dive back into my work.

4. Which part of your work do you enjoy most?
I enjoy working with our clients, who are adults in need of improving their basic literacy skills, English, or hoping to earn their GED diploma. To see someone accomplish something they thought was impossible is rewarding. We currently have a 90-year-old GED student, our eldest in Project Learn history. Callie Mae is an inspiration to her classmates and Project Learn staff. She told us earning her GED is the last thing she wants to do before she “leaves out of here.” Her determination and will power is something that encourages me to do all I can to help other adults in need of education.

5. Please finish this sentence: If someone wanted my job, they would have to…..
Be an expert at multitasking. I wear many hats. I’m responsible for the agency’s public relations efforts, event planning, fundraising, media relations and community outreach. I also teach an ESOL Conversations class. There are rarely times when I’m only working on one task.

6. What advice or tips do you have for other nonprofit professionals in your position?
Don’t get discouraged. I’m pretty young (23 years old) and hold a big title. But even though I’m a lot younger than my colleagues, they still expect high-quality work. So, that’s what I give them. I carry myself professionally and speak up for myself and my ideas, which has earned me respect. Now I have older colleagues asking me for advice and help with projects. It’s a great feeling.
Also, never stop learning. I spend my free time trying to understand new trends in public relations, social media and anything else that can help me be an irreplaceable employee. I also try to stay knowledgeable on ways to help Project Learn keep its head above water in the recession and any other prudent news related to nonprofit organizations and philanthropy.

If you are willing to be featured, please email me – kristen@advancementcompany.com


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