High-Tech Society = High-Tech Nonprofits

Photo by Hans on Experience

Just how tech-savy is your organization? Many organizations have been on the technology bandwagon for years. Some are just joining. Here are 5 technology tools (in no particular order) that many nonprofits are using, and all nonprofits should know about:

  1. Email newsletters– Organizations, small and large, can take advantage of email newsletters. With postage rates increasing every year, the savings can be enormous for those with large lists. This coupled with society’s shift towards e-mail being the primary form of communication makes e-newsletters a no-brainer. There are multiple reasonably priced e-newsletter providers (myemma, constantcontact).
  2. TechSoup– An extremely resourceful website that all nonprofit organizations should know about and be taking advantage of. The website offers hugely discounted software and hardware, and has forums and resources for tech info.
  3. Blogs– These is an incredibly easy and free way to communicate to your donors, volunteers, and the public. DonorPowerBlog wrote a great article about why nonprofits should blog, to read it click here. Many nonprofits use blogs as communication tools, here are some examples: Sierra Club, NARAL Pro-Choice, and the Minnesota Coalition on Government Information.
  4. Web 2.0- Websites and web designers continue to enhance creativity, collaboration and information sharing through developing tools for web use. These tools include FeedBurner, RSS, and Podcasts.
  5. Online Meeting and Sharing Tools– there are many free and easy to use tools to communicate with others online. This includes instant messaging, and nonprofits can even use the Internet to make free conference calls.

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