Evaluation Series: Volunteer Management

Photo by San Jose Library

You can incorporate evaluation into your work with volunteers in several ways. You can use evaluation to determine the needs of an organization so that you can recruit and appropriately assign volunteers. When recruiting you can use surveys to determine the skills volunteers have. Similar to Human Resources work, you can use evaluation to track a volunteers’ effectiveness, performance and to estimate the value of their volunteer time.

There are many excellent resources online for best practices in volunteer management. This is a tool for the eight steps of volunteer management and describes each step (including the needs assessment and evaluation. Here is a thorough introduction to volunteer management. If you would like to evaluate the effectiveness of your volunteer program, here is a guide on program evaluation 101.

The final post in this week’s evaluation series is: Evaluation Series: Fundraising. The goal of this week’s evaluation series is to highlight how evaluation can play a role in your job and to provide resources to accomplish incorporating evaluation in your organization.


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